2013 Seasons
Back to camp

Overall, we ended up with a fairly average success rate. We started off well with 5 elk for the early seasons. One bull with "blackpowder" (we only had one muzz. client) another with a cross-bow (a handicap exception during archery - 3rd row center).
Then we went 6 for 6 during 1st Rifle, and were into elk everyday for 2nd rifle. Unfortunately, that didn't result in a strong finish. Things just didn't work out and we only got 2 for our last 5. So, in total we went 8 of 11 - rifle, and 5 of 13 - Archery / Muzz.
First bull of the year was a medium 6 X 7, the smallest of the three that came in, but the only one we had a clean shot at (top left). First day of first rifle produced another fine bull from the "Base Blind" (2nd row left), and Mike Long scored again with with the bow (2nd row center). There's still a couple others I'm waiting for - so until then, below is a buck I got inbetween seasons just out of camp.