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Archery is by far my most favorite season. Not only do you have the bugling, weather, and changeing fall colors - it's a much more challenging hunt, and you get into situations that just couldn't happen during any other season.
The first picture was these hunters' first archery elk ever, as well as doubling by 9am on opening morning. In this group we also have a very unique bull (3rd row - right). On one side it was a normal 5 point, the others side had three separate bases and horns - so technically I guess you would call it a 5 X 4 X 3 X 1.

You will notice several archers with multiple kills - two of these are Warren and Fred (a couple friends from PA). 3rd row middle is Fred's first bull. This was the first animal Fred had shot with a bow (he had just started archery and had shot at targets for less than a month). Seeing Fred's success, Warren decided to give us a try, and ended up with a Pope & Young bull (bottom right).