License # 843

All hunts take place in the Colorado State Forest: Unit #6, north central Colorado. This is limited access public land (no motorized vehicles). Although our base camp requires an eight mile ride on horseback, and we are well away from most everyone, there are times when you may encounter another hunter. Generally these are day hunters from the trail-head, and pose little threat to the hunting (most stay on the main trail). We seldom see anyone in the field.

Most of your time spent in the field will be on foot, but occasionally you will hunt from horseback or out of blinds. This of course depends on the location and movement of the herds. We consistently have the best results hunting on foot, but many times this is restricted due to the hunter's physical conditioning before the hunt. We cannot emphasize this enough. This is the one variable that the hunter has control over and many put it last on their list. We don't intend to scare anyone; but, this is the single largest factor in your chances of harvesting a trophy animal. Hunting big game at high elevation is hard work. Be prepared.

All of our camps are very well prepared and comfortable. At the base camp, the sleeping tents are equipped with wood burning heating stoves, propane lanterns, cots and sleeping pads. The kitchen and dining tent is very large, making for a great evening gathering place to swap hunting stories, plan the next day's strategy and indulge in a tasty western meal prepared by our full-time cook.

Qualified Guides and crew can make the difference between an average hunt and an exceptional hunt, not only in your chances of harvesting an animal, but in all aspects of your hunt. From packing your gear, to butchering your meat, to making the camp comfortable, an experienced and willing crew is the key to the overall success of your hunt. This is where North Park Outfitters stands alone. Our core group of 5 has an accumulated experience of over 90 Years in this Area.


As we get things set for next year, we will post season dates, prices, details on Drop Camps, and additional information. If you need something before then call:
Jim Tschetter (505) 326-1816

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