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Shortly after I first started painting, I received requests for a wide variety of subjects (yes, even the Mona Lisa). I viewed this as good way to learn, so I would attempt to paint anything. Well, that led to a career in which a large percentage of my work is by commission. This allows for a little variety (view Portfolio) to go along with my "Western" and "Wildlife" scenes.

Commissions are generally done in a three stage process (described below), with modifications and approval at each stage. This helps me better understand what a client wants as well as letting them know what to expect before I actually do the painting. Prices vary ($7 - $10 per sq. inch) depending on size, subject matter, and additional work required (ie: photos, modeling, research, etc.). I require a 1/3 deposit of the total price in order to begin, and I'm currently scheduling for 2014.




After talking over details for a painting, I then do a "rough" sketch to show basic elements; their sizes, positioning, and relative porportions. I am a poor drawer, so this step is more just to make sure we are both thinking along the same lines.



Following modifications and approval of stage 1, I then do a "color" sketch. With this you can start to get a feeling for what the painting will look like: focus points, composition, values and colors.



Following modifications and approval of stage 2, I do the actual painting. By this time everyone should have a pretty good idea of what it will be, so there shouldn't be any bad surprizes. I want your painting to be as special to you as my "freelance" pieces are to me.